Enlarged breasts as a pregnant woman

 Enlarged breasts as a pregnant woman will produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone is further improved, and also will be more sensitive breasts will be sore and tender to the touch.
Dizziness - headaches due to physical factors such as fatigue and blood pressure can also be caused
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Nausea and vomiting are triggered by an increase in the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in the bloodstream and urinary tract that will have an effect on the stomach lining can cause stinging nausea and vomiting.
Frequent urination (urination) due to bladder pressure by the existence of a growing fetus also due to increased blood circulation, the bladder is filled urice also faster due to the increase in pregnancy hormones.
Constipation (constipation) because in pregnant women increases the hormone progesterone relaxes the uterine muscles and also causes muscle of the intestinal wall to make a bowel obstruction.
Want to waste saliva (spit) due to changes in estrogen that makes want to spit but the condition usually disappears by itself the second trimester.
Temperature basal body temperature increases during pregnancy
The advent of blood spots could be a sign of pregnancy that occurs in pregnant women 1 week to 10 days of pregnancy due to ovulation or fertilization occurs due to attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall. The advent of blood spots or spots that are usually followed by abdominal cramps regularly until the second trimester.
Missed a period or menstruation, where menstrual occurs when the egg is not fertilized and the pregnant person when the fertilized egg menstruation will not happen again.

* Reference: http://www.weblog.web.id/2012/09/ciri-ciri-orang-hamil-gejala-awal-tanda.html

Knowing the characteristics of the pregnant and symptoms early signs of pregnancy a woman
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Gardening mango in a large enough scale enterprises

Gardening mango in a large enough scale enterprises , need to see the condition of that land to be planted must consider the suitability of land . The things to consider are the type of soil , soil layer thickness , groundwater conditions , soil pH , and soil slope . Based on the type of soil , plant mango can grow well in a variety of soil types , both in the volcanic soils of old , young volcanic , alluvial soil , soil with light or heavy structures .

For commercial mango varieties in Indonesia include mango arumanis , manalagi manalagi kinds of large and small types , goiek , gedong lipstick , gedong usual , and Cengkir . As for some of the ex - imported mango varieties , including namdokmai , thongdam , nangkiawan ( all from Thailand ) , irwin , julie , Haden ( America ) , and others .

For Growing And How t
Inspirasi Kesetiaan bersama Cap Kaki Tigao Plant a Mango as follows ;

Land preparation

The choice of location for the mango orchard care should be taken not too far from the reach of roads are passable four-wheeled vehicles , in order to facilitate the transport of both at harvest and in the transport of seeds and other inputs . In addition, the location is close to the source of water , either from irrigation water , soil or water , so the water for the dry season crops still quite available . In preparation for this land include counseling , organizing projects at the level of farmers and land inventory , as well as training .

Soil treatment

Tilth can be done with a hoe , plow , harrow , or mechanically with a tractor . Soil cultivation should be done in the dry season or the beginning of the rainy season , at which time the land is still a blob that is easy to be destroyed / digemburkan with the addition of water . After hoeing / plowing / bulldozing , soil left a few days to give the grass a chance to grow , the grass is finally collected , piled in a certain place , then the submerged or burned .

In the land of high degree of acidity ( low pH ) , the land that had been dug in the spread lime / dolomite is merata.Dalam tillage ranging from land clearing , hoeing , plowing , penggaruan , making beds , mounds , irrigation and disposal / drainage , as well as the manufacture of planting hole , until ready to plant .

Planting .

Planting hole created / provided in accordance with spacing , where the spacing of which is determined by t
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Plant maintenance activities include crop replanting , weeding / pembumbunan , fertilizing , watering / irrigation , pruning , pest and disease prevention ;

Mango plants were dead and that growth is not good / dwarf replaced with new plants that had been prepared beforehand . This is done so that a more uniform plant growth .
Subsequent fertilization is done by immersing supplementary fertilizer mixture consisting of TSP / SP 36 , KCI , and Urea around the stands , just below the plant canopy . Doses of fertilizers tailored to the age and growth of plants . When the plant enters the flowering and fruiting phase , the extra fertilizer to stimulate and strengthen the flowers and fruits should be given .
Prune plants to get a good shape , so we get the desired canopy shape , namely limb / branch plant balanced in all directions .
Watering / irrigation is a significant element in the mango garden , especially in the dry season . At the time the plants are still small and less rain , then watering is required , whereas in the rainy season where excessive water , the drainage / sewage should receive attention , so that aeration and soil drainage is maintained.
Combating pests and diseases , both of which attack the roots , stems , leaves , flowers and fruits need to be considered . Eradication of pests and diseases is done when the damage is already above the threshold . Minimum use of pesticides
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During maintenance , the garden needs to be observed growth , and to the owner of the garden should be observed at least 3 times a week .

Mango Crop Aquaculture - Aquaculture farmers

Mango Crop Aquaculture - Aquaculture farmers . Mango is a fruit that is sweet to the taste and many benefits. Mango crops if cultivated correctly will give results that correspond to the diharapan . Here are tips and techniques mango crop cultivation .

Mango is a fruit crop in the form annual tree derived from India . The plant then spread to Southeast Asia , including Malaysia and Indonesia .
Botanical classification of the mango crop is as follows:

Division : Spermatophyta
Sub Division : Angiospermae
Grade : Dicotyledonae
Family : Anarcadiaceae
Genus : Mangifera
Species: Mangifera spp.

Spoon- type grown in Indonesia Mangifera indica L. Arumanis namely mango , roll , Gedong , Manalagi & cengkir & Mangifera foetida namely Kemang & kweni .

YG mature mango fruit table spoon is preferred . Mango cub be preserved with high sugar confectionery in the form of a wet or dry .

Center for mango cultivation in Java is Probolinggo , Indramayu , Cirebon . 1994, the total crop -producing crops is 8,901,309 with 668,048 tons production .

5.1 . climate
Mango crops suitable to live in areas with a dry season for 3 months. Dry time is needed before & during flowering . If planted in wet areas , crops suffer from many pests & disease attack and fall flowers / fruit if the flowers appear on a rainy day .
5.2 . Planting Media

Frontage good for mango cultivation is sand & clay loam containing the amount to balance.
The degree of acidity of the soil ( soil pH ) who match is 5.5-7.5 . If the pH is below 5.5 should dikapur with dolomite .

5.3 . place Height
Mango didataran planted with low & medium altitude 0-500 m above sea level preferment fruit quality & volume more than on the plateau.
Mango Crop Cultivation
draw a sketch of a mango tree mango tree mango tree paintings treat mango tree mango tree classification benefits mango tree mango tree picture features a mango tree mango tree names mango mango classification of the types of c
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6.1 . breeding
1 ) multiplication by seed

Seed selected from YG plants healthy , strong & fruit wines. Seeds dikeringanginkan & skin removed.
Prepare seedbed box size 100 x 50 x 20 cm 3 with garden soil media & manure (1:1 ), seeds are planted at a distance of 10-20 cm . Mango farms can also be sown with plant spacing of 30 x 40 or 40 x 40 cm above the hype frontage . Seedbed provided shade from the plastic / crop residues , but do not let the air inside becomes too moist seedbed . Seeds planted with stomach downwards so that the roots do not bend . For sowing, the seeds should not be short of water. At the age of 2 weeks the seeds will germinate . If there are more than 1 seed from 1 sapling , leave at just a really strong correctness & good . Seeds in the seedbed should dipindahtanamkan box int

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Seedling selection at the age of 4 months , seedlings grow abnormally weak- & removed. Pindahtanam to do if the seed orchard was 6 months old .